Just a little rant about this game

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This is just what I think

Ive been playing non stop since i got the game 2 days ago and the combat does not feel to great, eg when I get "outplayed" I feel annoyed like I get cc locked and then 100-0'ed. (i also do this to others tho)

Even on low graphics the effects are over whelming and hard to watch. eg the mage fire ball ult. which is a little sad because i love UE4 magic effects, I messed with it myself and it's interesting and beautiful so I know they can change the effects to make it cleaner.
I got one of the bosses to Grand chase lvl (the lvl above very hard) and he just 1 shots with everything. it was almost impossible to res my team mate and because no text chat i cant communicate.

From what i was told by some S and G rank's, mage is broken really bad and most people are running mage archer since you can do 40-60% of someone's hp with one ability as mage. As well as chain combow to 100-0 easily.

Its a little sad because it makes the sword kinda redundant since as a mage/archer you can easily keep your distance and kite. Personally the only time i find that the sword is good is for ctf on the cave map, solely because when you have the flag that one jump ability gaves you a SHIT ton of mobility. Allowing you to move a great distance and even to higher ledges while carrying the flag so once there simply change to archer and begin the defence xd. (ctf on that map is the map i win the most.

I feel like I've been mostly pointing out the bad stuff but that's how it is, the main good thing about it is that I enjoy the pve and if they add more enemy's and make bigger boss fights with 6 players and a TEXT CHAT while in game that would be very fun even. I understand this is mainly a pvp game but a man can dream.
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Does the bog just consist of the surface and the tiny herder cave with the boss or am I missing something? If thats it, then this area is quite a bit shorter than areas like the Cemetery or Stormbreach.
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