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Since my feedback addressed both the technical and gameplay aspects, I figured this section will be nice.

1. General gameplay

- I feel like fighting in PvE is quite unrefined - you get disabled/stunned/thrown/dropped to the ground a lot and sometimes it makes no sense why this is happening
- the roll/dodge mechanic seems like RNG - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and again - it makes no sense

2. Performance

- I noticed that in the hub, the performance significantly drops, as well as I see my character rubberbanding, I feel like there should be a toggle option to hide other players just to see if that improves the performance in the hub
- this performance issue I think also affects the combat and it acts somewhat as an input delay and I think such a fast-paced action-oriented game can suffer A LOT from such input delay
- overall performance of the client should be heavily optimized

3. Overall

- after playing 3 story missions and explored the hub for what it offers, especially the weapon upgrade system, I've concluded that this game is going to be really repetitive and a huge grindfest where small achievements will be a huge time sink and this time sink will progressively increase... for that I believe the progression system should be revised to find the perfect balance between too rewarding and too stingy
- I did not test the upgrading system, because I already uninstalled the game, but if it is like other such games where one is at risk of their upgrade failing, because it's based on RNG and with each upgrade the success percentage drops, this is going to be a bad sign
- the game reminds me a lot of Kritika and Soulworker and they become huge grindfests around level 25-30, I hope this game doesn't end up like that and I advise the developers to revise this before it's too late

4. Verdict

- the game has beautiful visuals and the character customization looks good, but due to it being on UE4, and that engine still being a WIP, I believe that it's a major reason for the poor performance and input delays and one of the main focuses from hereon should be on optimizing the performance
- the other focus should be to avoid turning the game into a mindless grindfest time sink, because this will kill the game faster than anything else, even Warframe is a grindfest timesink, but at least the combat there is perfected and it's actually enjoyable to grind, but in KurtzPel, it's really monotonous and boring

Best of luck on the game, I will install it again when it reaches OBT.
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