Probatio(PvP) Balance Megathread

Player Vs Player
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Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:57 am

Please specify the issues you think the game's PvP have in regards to balancing.

This could either be:
- Way too long crowd control effects
- Cooldown issues
- Broken skills

This is a megathread thats never going to be archived, but actively sent to developers as feedback to help maintain balance of the game.
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Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:30 pm

Okay, I have quite a few problem i want to address with PvP

Ranged classes (Archer and Witch) are way too easy to play with too much damage and too little risk.
Breaker feel absolutely useless.
Damage is too low, Stamina consumption is too high to do any meaningfull damage, approaching any ranged slayer is almost impossible since a single basic attack staggers you already which leads into chain CC
Dodge role is nearly useless since the Cooldown is too high because you are permanently under attack which gives you increased Cooldown on it
Gear plays too much of a role in COMPETITIVE PvP

I also have ideas on how to fix this problem
- Reduce the cooldown by 25% for Breaker
- Ranged attacks only stagger after the second HIT
- Either reduce slayer damage, increase breaker damage or give breaker a 30% increase in stamina regeneration.
- Give every player the EXACT same gear (suited to the Karma ofc)
- Lower the duration of invulnerability duration after getting up from Knockdown
- Remove increased Cooldown on "Dodge" when dodging while under attack

To conclude.
Breaker feel too weak and are too hard to play in PvP
Slayer do too much damage and are too save
Equipment shouldn't matter when you play COMPETITIVE PvP
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Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:42 pm

Alright, this thread hopefully will get to developers.
I am rank B4 (soon to be A) so i do have some PvP experience, but maybe meta changes i G ranks, i really dont know so correct me if i'm wrong here please.

Current state of game PvP:

1) Gear.
Absolutely balanced. From rookie stuff, to purchased gear with real money every item has exact SAME stats (which can be tweaked with in game money). Absolutely brilliant, which means gear is cosmetic change only!
Keep it that way.

2) Slayer vs Breaker.
This one is tricky. Breaker is hard to stagger so current (successful) gameplay revolves around picking sword or gauntlet, launching your opponent then swapping to bow, staff of dual blade and do that 100-0 combo. Dual blades do have some hidius skills such as invulnerability+invisibility, that needs tweaking (at least not being FULL invisible, let us see some light distortion at least).
So being a slayer is either getting you rekt very fast, or you are forced to start every clash as a breaker, only to swap to slayer for that ultra dmg combo.
This needs some revisiting.

3) Ctf.
Would be great, if breakers would stagger while trying to cap flag. Currently, there is no way to interrupt breaker as bow user while he caps flag. (in most cases ofc). Also, that rocky map with "bridge" is nice looking but horribly lacking in balance (favors breakers ofc).

4) Poke me to death.
This mechanic (especially present @ bow users) is annoying. Introduce reduced damage the longer you are being juggled.

So much for my 1st post, i shall follow this thread and post more balance suggestions in the near future!
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Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:35 am

Stats in the character screen need clarification:

- Action/spell endurance. What the hell is 132% and 470%?
How does that translates into getting staggered? How much damage do you need to take to get you knocked up?
I think maybe some flat number "2000" or 4000 points in damage is better then percentages.. What do you think? Currently i got NO idea how exactly does this works, all i know archers and mages get staggered from any hit, while swords and gauntlets need to take a lot of punishment until staggered.

All else is more or less self explained.

Thanks for read.
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Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:29 pm

CTF mode needs to be removed.
Here's why:
KurtzPel is action fighting game where people get joy out of doing combos, knocking enemies out, and winning by fighting.
Ctf gives alternative way to win, which is boring as hell, not fun AT ALL.
Remove it.
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Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:21 pm

Dual soul :

- I think the "SHIFT LMB RMB MoonSlash" it should not break the breaker karma so fast !!
the player should first use "Spinning Strike" to break a breaker karma ,, then he can quick moonslah "SHIFT LMB RMB".

- Also i think the player when he use "SHIFT LMB RMB moonslash" the character should not go up very high
But the "RMB Charged MoonSlash" is fair enough and also i think it should be more powerful, like it should do
70-0 to slayer and 50-0 to breaker when it's full charged, also it must break the breaker karma because it's full charged.

This is my opinion, i hope u consider it and think about it.
thank you ,, and keep it UP :D
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